We Value Accessibility for All Users

At Calypso St. Barth, we strive to provide a user experience that is accessible to all our customers, regardless of technology or ability. We are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

We are continuously updating our website to improve access and usability for all users.


We value your feedback on the accessibility and user experience of our webstore. If you encounter issues with any page on our site that presents a barrier to individuals with disabilities, please submit your feedback to hello@calypsostbarth.com

Third-Party Sites

On our site, we utilize third-party websites such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok to share news and information about Calypso St. Barth products and services. These sites, which are not managed by us, may present challenges for individuals with disabilities that we are not able to control. Below are the accessibility policies of these third-party sites. Instagram Accessibility Pinterest Accessibility TikTok Accessibility